Bajaj Lab

The Bajaj Rural Development Lab is a partnership between Carnegie Mellon University and the Kamalnayan Jamnalal Bajaj Foundation. Our goal is to end poverty in the villages surrounding Mahatma Gandhi’s last ashram in Wardha, India.

The Bajaj Lab helps students and researchers contribute to the Bajaj Foundation’s innovations in water management, alternative energy, women’s empowerment, sustainable agriculture, and village industries. We believe everyone benefits from breaking down the walls between the university and the village.

Our goal is to empower the villagers of Wardha to improve their lives and to learn from them so that their stories can inspire others. To learn more or to get involved, please visit our website.

The Bajaj Lab grew out of a semester abroad that my wife, Emily Mohn-Slate, and I taught together. I’m grateful to Emily, to our students, and to all our friends in Wardha for helping create this collaboration. I find teaching especially rewarding when students become collaborators and colleagues. Living together at Gandhi’s ashram was a profoundly meaningful experience that gave birth to the Bajaj Lab and also helped inspire my book on Gandhi’s diet.